From the Dean: Leadership Forum

Dean's Leadership Forum

Presented during the academic year, the weekly Dean’s Leadership Forum features a different guest lecturer representing a different pharmacy career to provide real world accounts of their experiences on their journeys to success. Guest speakers will include leaders and rising stars from many different pharmacy and pharmaceutical disciplines. View Dean Jerry Bauman's presentation below.

Other lecturers fro 2011-12 (click on name to view recording):
  • John DeNardo: Former CEO, UIC Healthcare System
  • Michael and Susan Maddux: Executive Director, American College of Clinical Pharmacy and Chief Pharmacy Officer, United Healthcare, respectively
  • William Marth: President & CEO, Teva Pharmaceuticals North America
  • Scott Meyers: Executive Vice President, Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists
  • Anhal Purohit: President & CEO, Purohit Navigation
  • Eric Stanek: Senior Director, Research, Medco Health Solutions
  • Clair Thom: Senior Vice President, Portfolio Management and Clinical Development Operations, Millennium: A Takeda Oncology Co.
  • Luke Vander Bleek: Independent Pharmacist, Fitzgerald Pharmacy
  • Michael Willett: President, Ready Clinical, LLC
  • Jeff Yordon: Chairman, Founder & CEO, Sagent Pharmaceuticals
  • Garry Zage: President & CEO, Kirby Lester, LLC