Brilliant Futures: The Campaign for the University of Illinois

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In 1859, 12 gentlemen chartered the Chicago College of Pharmacy. In 1896, the College joined the University of Illinois system, eventually becoming the UIC College of Pharmacy. With nearly 150 years of pharmacy education and research, we have built quite a legacy.

In 2007, the University of Illinois kicked off the Brilliant Futures campaign. Brilliant Futures is the largest and most ambitious campaign in the history of the University, seeking to raise $2.25 billion for students, faculty, research and the campus environment.

Of that $2.25 billion, the College's goal is to raise almost $20 million towards education and research. Below is a detailed breakdown of the College of Pharmacy's fundraising goals and priorities. 

College of Pharmacy Campaign Goals

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 Chair     $4M
 Professorships     $1.5M
 Graduate Fellowships $1.5M
 Undergraduate Scholarships 
 Research Funds 
 Centers & Institutes 
 Curriculum Funds 
 Special Projects 
 Subtotal Endowment $7M

 Classroom Renovation $942,4000
 Laboratory Renovation $5.5M
 Student Space Renovation $578,000
 Other Renovation $926,000
 Equipment $600,000
 New Facilities 
 Subtotal Facilities $8,546,4000

Annual Giving
 Annual Giving $500,000
 Current-use Scholarships $30,000
 Current-use Fellowships $50,000
 Other Annual Giving $59,000
 Subtotal Annual Giving $639,000

 Private Research Grants     $3,510,289
 Subtotal Grants $3,510,289
 Special Projects 

Grand Total: $19,695,689

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